Table-Top professional charging device, Power Up Spot® Jet Black with Flyer Pocket, 20.000mAh.
Ideal for venues like cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons and any other vanue where people spend time enjoying or waiting for services.

Can be easily placed anywhere you need, with no installation process and no continuous electricity supply required.

Can charge any portable device of 5V with Lightning / micro-USB / type-C input.

Jet Black & Flyer Pocket version can be customized with the artwork of your preference, on the facing side of the device. Flyer Pocket version allows you to change the printing at any time, by printing on paper. The other side of the device is plain black. *Printing with Power Up Spot logo is used for showcase. You can choose between white and black color cables, according to your preference.

Product Description

Product Information

Product is delivered ready to use, as appearing in the images. It is constructed of high quality plexi glass and passes through many stages of processing and finishing in order to achieve it’s excellent appearance. A high capacity ROMOSS Power Bank of 20.000mAh is used to store and supply energy.

Additionally, it carries two spiral cables with triple head, that can charge any portable device, no matter of the brand or software (mirco-USB, Lighting, USB Type-C).

Technical Specification

Certifications: CE, FCC & RoHS
Suitable for charging: Smartphones & Tablets (no matter the brand or software) / Digital Cameras with compatible input type / MP3 / MP4 / game consoles like PSP / Electronic Cigarette / Various other devices of DC 5V
Cables / Output types: Two triple cables on the device (micro usb / lighting 8pin / type-C)
Battery Capacity: 20.000mAh (can provide 7 full charges of an average smartphone 2500mAh or about 14 charges of 50%)
Battery type: Li-Polymer
Dimensions: Length 13,5cm x 9cm (base) / Height: 22,5cm (printing area 10,8×21,5cm)
Weight: 850gr.
Self charging time: 20.000mAh: ≈12 hours (by using USB wall charger 2,1Α) / Don’t charge on laptop USB port / Don’t let the battery get 100% empty – recharge when last LED light is blinking
Battery life cycle: More than 500 charge cycles (≈2-3 years of normal use)
Recharging: By USB wall charger (sold seperately) with 2,1A outupt. A smartphone or tablet charger can be used, as long as the output is 2,1A. If 1A charger used, charging may become very slow.
Battery level indicator: LED indicator of 4 levels
Input: DC 5V / 2,1A Max
Output: DC 5V / 2,1A Max & DC 5V / 1A Max
Total output of battery: DC 5V / 2,1Α
Warranty: 12 months on battery


Battery can be recharged by using a USB wall charger (sold seperately). Two kinds of chargers are on offer: 2xUSB (2,4A total) and 6xUSB (7A) total, so that you can charge up to 2 or up to 6 Power Up Spot® at the same time, respectively.


Power Up Spot® is made to fit your corporate or brand identity. 100% customization is avalable with the artwork of your preference. Jet Black & Flyer Pocker edition can be branded 1 side, by inserting the printing into the special pocket.


Anti-Theft Solution

40cm metal+plastic cable with lock that can be placed on the table. Easily lock and unlock using 1 key for every 10pcs of powerbanks. Sold seperately.


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