Power Up Spot®: Press Release

Power Up Spot® is the 1st Autonomous Charging Solution, 100% Customizable, for Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Beauty salons and any Public Venue where customers spend time enjoying or expecting services!

Has become very popular since it’s launch, bringing excitement to customers, business owners and marketing professionals.

It actually opened the market in Greece, Cyprus and Italy, as it is the first product to offer solution for an existing daily problem, with an innovative and effective way.

At the moment is expanding internationally, as the problem is universal and solution can be applied effectively anywhere.

Patented product, made in Greece.



With portable devices & mobile internet conquering our life, the need of charging when outdoors has become essential. Power Up Spot® was made to help businesses improve their services, while providing convenience to their customers.


No business wants bulky, poorly designed devices placed inside their property. Power Up Spot® is 100% customizable in order to match with corporate or brand identity. People will not just charge for free, but will engage with your brand.


Power Up Spot® is the ideal POP material. Placed just right at the point of purchase, can effectively promote products or engage with your market, while promoting your brand as innovative.


Designed to be elegant, durable and with high quality electronic parts, Power Up Spot® is a real gem to have in any venue. Product’s R&D team is working hard to keep up with latest technology and market trends.

Created and manufactured in Greece, with high quality standards and continuous development.




  • Can be placed anywhere in the venue, without any istallation process, with no need for continuous power supplye
  • Can fast charge 5V devices like smartphones, tablets, music players, digital cameras etc
  • 16000mAh Battery capacity, enough for up to 14-15 loads of 50% or 7-8 full smartphone charges (depends on smartphone’s battery capacity)
  • It carries two cables with triple head (Lightning / micro-USB / type-C) suitable for simultaneous charging of two devices
  • When its batteries are drained, it is easily recharged with a common socket charger head
  • Can be 100% customized with business’s or sponsor’s artwork


Learn more and RFQ at: www.powerupspot.com


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