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Power Up Spot®

Power Up Spot® is the 1st professional, stand-alone charging solution with 100% personalization capability! Created to serve 3 different audiences, with one single product: public, venues and brands!

Ideal for any professional space such as: bars, restaurants, hotels, conference and event halls, clinics and any venue where people enjoy products and services.

It works efficiently as an innovative marketing tool, by promoting products and services in the desired places.

The most widespread solution for charging devices like smartphones & tablets, without the need of wall chargers or any installation process, in any venue. With specially designed cables that support any contemporary mobile device.

Patented Product | Made in Greece

Main Characteristics

  • Can be placed anywhere in the venue, without any istallation process, with no need for continuous power supply
  • Can fast charge 5V devices like smartphones (of any brand), tablets, music players, digital cameras etc
  • 20.000mAh Battery capacity, enough for ≈14 loads of 50% or 7-8 full chargesof an average smartphone of 2500mAh (depends on smartphone’s battery capacity)
  • It carries two wired cables with triple head (Lightning / micro-USB / type-C) suitable for simultaneous charging of two devices
  • When its batteries are drained, it is easily recharged with a USB socket charger (ideally 2.1A)
  • Personalization capability with any artwork

Get your's in 3 steps

Send us your logo

Your can email us your logo at greece@powerupspot.com, including any elements you need to add such us website, social profiles etc.

Artwork preparation

We will prepare your artwork and a 3D preview of your Power Up Spot within 48 working hours, at no cost.

Production & Shipping

Within a few days after your order confirmation, we complete production and ship door to door in a wide range of countries.

Design smart & functional

Advertise new age pop material

Promote products effectively

Promote products effectively

Power Up Spot® works efficiently as a display tool as it is positioned exactly at the point of consumption. Communicates, informs, reminds and affects the buying decision. At the same time it gets your message across to your audience with immediacy, even when it concerns a product / service that is not offered in the venue.

Product launches

Product launches

In the case of launching new products on the market, Power Up Spot® can provide a significant boost to sales. By projecting the product at the point of purchase, it strengthens spontaneous purchases and communicates directly to the public who is willing to try out new products.

Brand innovation

Brand innovation

Connect your brand with an innovative product. If one of the elements that determine your brand identity is innovation, then this image is enhanced by providing your audience with a free charging service when they need it, in a unique way so far.

Reward programs

Reward programs

Reward your B2B customers with a useful tool for their business, which will upgrade their services. Power Up Spot® is a product recognized for its uniqueness, reliability and functionality, which every business would like to host in it's property.

Upgrade your services

By adding innovative equipment to your business

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